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    FaceOn Mobile™ takes Social Networks and Caller ID to the next level and beyond...

    FaceOn™ delivers a unique way of "Sending and Receiving" calls that allows callers the option of attaching a direct link to their Digital Persona™ to other callers all on the same outgoing and incoming call screens simultaneously using Dynamic Icons™ (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

    FaceOn™ gives you complete control of your Digital Persona™ by inviting your family, friends, and colleagues to view your Image, Social Network profiles, Tweets and other dynamic information about you that you have elected to share on the FaceOn Mobile™ network during either "Outgoing or Incoming" calls. You can now greet your friends, family and colleagues with a smile and useful information about you without your information being preloaded in their contacts. This unique invitation also provides the option of allowing "Outgoing and Incoming" callers to view your social network profiles and other dynamic information about you during a live call without them belonging to your Social Networks.

    FaceOn™ provides valuable information to both calling parties simultaneously while eliminating the time consuming process of importing images and other contact information into "Contacts" one-by-one by either calling party. FaceOn™ allows incoming caller contact information that has been provided by calling party, to be added to contacts address book easily that can now include links to the caller's social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and other dynamic information.

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