Facility Services




    Fama Systems - Easy and intuitive mobile Facility Services solutions developed to transform the way of work in the organizations that offer FM services (maintenance, cleaning, catering, etc.), improving productivity, information exchange and customer satisfaction.

    With FAMA Facility Services solutions, field technicians can easily access, update and complete work orders on the fly, by the convenience of their smartphone and regardless of their location, and their managers can view real time state of works and add information.

    In order of ensure the mobile advantages without lose security, FAMA Facility Services works within IT's policies for securing, deploying and connecting mobile devices.

    It is also possible to work with FAMA Facility Services APP solutions in connection with FAMA-AFM enterprise software ensuring proper validation of field-submitted data, oversight of field submissions and adherence to centrally defined business rules and workflows or with third-party enterprise software.

    More features coming soon

    Fama Systems