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    Fast Mobile Computer Repair

    Who we are:
    We are a small group of licensed Computer Repair professionals who want to revolutionize the computer repair industry.

    Who do we serve:
    Being that we are a brand new start-up company, we can only provide services to cities in California (specifically, from the Bay Area to Sacramento and all surrounding cities in between) at this time.

    How does the Application work:
    The application is very simple to use. You simply fill out the required fields in the main page and press the 'Submit' button. Your information is then transmitted to our customer support team and processed.

    What happens after my information is processed:
    When a request is received, we will evaluate the request and determine such things as:

    1. Can resolve with 100% chance of success?
    2. A firm overall cost.

    A technician will then be selected to contact you and he/she will discuss (among other things) these details with you. Upon agreement, the technician will then setup an in-home appointment or for a slightly higher fee, a pick-up/drop-off date can be made as well. We GUARANTEE all services rendered by our technicians (for more details, please read our full 'Terms of Service' and 'EULA').

    Why Choose Us:
    We have been providing local services to the community for years... but this has been in an unofficial capacity. Now that we have established a fairly well reputation in the local community and because the computer repair process seems to to be such a hassle these day especially with the cost and time one must invest to have guaranteed services rendered, it is impossible for the common person to get their computers fixed in a reasonable time at a reasonable cost. We are changing that.

    Customer Feedback:

    Nick Sanders
    Vacaville, CA
    My computer wouldn't start-up so I took it over to best buy and paid them $250 fix it but after four days they ended up giving it back saying the couldn't fix it. Shortly after, I heard about F&M Computer Repair from a friend and talked to the owner. He told me he could fix it and they would only charge me $150. Not only did he fix it but he also had it done in just a few hours. My mother and I couldn't not believe it. They even through in a new CD-ROM (which was part of the overall problem I was later told). These guys ROCK!

    Otis Morose
    Fairfield, CA
    On my way home from work, I saw a banner from the freeway advertising cheap computer repairs for $50 so I decided to give them a call because my computer was running very slow and I didn't know anyone because I just moved to the area. I scheduled for an appointment and that same day a gentleman dressed in very nice clothing came over to my house and the very first thing he did was give me a business card. So I showed him my computer and let him get to work. While he was fixing my computer, he was also explaining every detail of what he was doing and why he was doing something and I liked this very much because it was as if he was teaching me in the process. After about 45 minutes, my computer was running like it was brand new! All of the viruses were gone it ran super fast. I recommend these guys 100%. They did a great job.

    Sara Noble
    Sacramento, CA
    I had two computers that wouldn't start so I decided to call F&M Computer Repair because I saw a sign on my way to work. After speaking with the representative for a few minutes, we agreed they could come by and pick them up. Not only did they come by to pick them up, but they also brought them back the very same day. Talk about fast service! I will definitely call F&M Computer Repair the next time I have a computer problem.

    Special Thanks:
    * Those who helped provide the knowledge to make this development possible.

    * To H. Moore ( for all artwork and graphics.

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