Field Share




    Note: Field Share requires a subscription to Viewpoint for Project Collaboration.
    Get mobile! Connect to data from the field. Anywhere. Anytime.

    With a complex array of architects, consultants, project managers and contractors needing to share documents and information on projects, the ability to access Viewpoint for Project Collaboration while in the field is essential. Field Share allows all project workers, from field teams to senior management, to easily share and manage documents such as RFIs, drawings, issues and capture, upload and distribute photos from your mobile device.

    Benefits include:

    • Easily navigate to a project site, project or sub-project
    • Easily view, upload or download construction documents and revisions
    • Quickly create and modify new construction documents such as RFIs, issues and change orders
    • Simply view details of a user/organization, including contact details
    • Snap photos and easily upload to your projects
    • Quick access to project information with drill down capabilities
    • At-a-glance screen with items needing your attention helps to manage tasks
    • Keep the office updated with project status while on the go
    Built on the Android platform, Field Share is available for customers to download on an Android smartphone and tablet.