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    Required to Business man ! I received phone when left my phone.
    Do embarrassed when you left your phone?
    Now, do not worry.
    Left your phone, You can take your all the call, SMS, etc.
    When you do not have your phone, you need to answer your call, SMS?
    Now, do not worry.
    if you send a SMS, phone can automatically answer.
    Embarrassed where did Lost the phone ?
    Now, do not worry.
    if you send a SMS, phone can automatically answer location.
    important cell phone! Application is required.
    I left the main features of the phone ** **

    * Key Features
    - Phone forwarding, auto response, location transfers, mode changes, and the remote control feature that can be.
    - My phone forwarding other phones for incoming calls, received call, outgoing calls, SMS.
    - My phone auto response incoming calls, SMS.
    - My phone can tell to SMS that my phone turned off or turned on.
    - My phone can tell to SMS that my phone Location.
    - My phone can change vibration mode, ring mode, silent mode from SMS
    - Working on the logging feature
    * Status
    - OFF: does not work status.
    Not any action.
    - Ready: waiting for your command.
    In fact, the program works.
    - Auto Response: the user's command by the phone call comes or a fixed number of characters to come to pass state.
    - Auto Forwarding: automatic response to user commands and by the state.
    - Auto-forwarding and auto-response can be used simultaneously.
    * Set
    -SMS commands do not work in an OFF state.
    - Basically, the action pending in the state is sending letters to the appropriate phrase.
    - Forward On / Off, Auto Answer On / Off, My phone location, mode changes, etc. can be controlled with a SMS and can change its character.
    - For designated number can be forwarded to SMS, call log and forwarding number of activated.

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    *** Idea of changing the world. Gun Soft ***

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