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    Replace paper forms & documents with an easy to use, full featured, robust, secure cloud service.
    Collect and manage data from your mobile workers in real­time, assign tasks to engineers or field workers.
    Maintain & distribute service manuals and field documentation instantly.
    All this and more with our cloud platform, now accessible from your iPad or iPhone.

    * Intelligent Forms
    Capture photos, audio, video, GPS location, signatures, without the need for Techies getting involved. You can even annotate pictures t highlight detail!. Use barcode lookups to retrieve correct information from your databases.
    Using our cloud based form designer, simply drag ‘n drop to build your solution.

    * Save Money, Go Green!
    Printing, distributing and updating paperwork is not only costly, but it’s so 2010! Go paperless, save time & money instantly! Already have smartphones in the field? Increase their value by integrating them into your workflow.

    * Save Time, Improve Efficiency!
    Checklists, surveys, inspections and more. Capture valid data quickly and easily with forms2mobile on your smartphone or tablet. Stop wasting time duplicating data entry back in the office. Capture
    data at source, intelligently integrate with your existing business software and provide real time reports to your staff and customers.

    * Work Smarter, Not Harder!
    Avoid lost paperwork. Leave the camera, manuals, and clipboard back at the office, work with all your documents and forms on one device. Filled in your part of the form? Pass the partially filled form on to another user for completion. No more lost paperwork!
    Simplify your paper logistics by integrating your mobile devices into your current workflow. Focus on the job, not the paperwork.

    * Everything You Need, Everywhere You Need It!
    We know that even when there’s no internet, you still need to get the job done.
    forms2mobile is designed to work where you need it most, in a building, underground, even in the middle of a hurricane, so you can keep working even when your internet connection doesn’t.
    Note: Internet connection is required for first time login on the app

    * REDUCE COSTS; save paper, eliminate data duplication.
    * SAVE TIME; always up to date, provide instant reports.
    * Capture accurate & validated data in real time.
    * Easy to use drag ‘n drop web interface.
    * Manage & update mobile workers in real time.
    * Integrates with existing cloud and back end systems.
    * Cost effective Scalable subscription based service adjusts to your requirements.

    * Text fields
    * Number Fields
    * Multiple choice questions
    * Signatures
    * Email Address (with validation)
    * Phone Number
    * Date/Time
    * Drawings
    * Barcodes
    * Photos (with ability to annotate)
    * Video
    * Audio
    * GPS & Map Locations
    * In built business logic
    * In built formulas & real time calculations
    * Send partially completed forms to other users to finish
    * Gas Safety Inspections
    * Contract Cleaning Audits
    * Campsite Management & Maintenance
    * Installation Engineers
    * Customer Surveying
    * Class/School Registration Services
    * Sales Order Capture
    * Vehicle Inspection/Delivery
    * Building/Home Surveys

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