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    FraserNet is a principle-centered, 25 year old company engaged in social entrepreneurism. We are a global leadership network of 60,000 Black professionals, Business Owners, and Community Leaders. We are focused on economic development through education, training and empowerment for Black people.

    Our focus is to train, educate and equip Black people with new skills, new thinking and new approaches for personal, professional and financial success in the 21st century.

    We have a continuing-relationship business model including memberships, subscriptions, conferences, workshops, meetings and long-term coaching agreements with our members. We are a new model for social entrepreneurship and cause-related marketing.

    We believe a business or professional that "clicks" treats people like people, not as accounts or transactions. They relate to a person as a human being with a heart, mind and soul.

    We believe being served is one of life's greatest pleasures and serving is one of life's highest expressions of love.

    We believe that you don't need more information. You want answers to your specific and immediate problems. You want solutions you can use to seize new opportunities.

    We believe knowledge is valuable when it's special to your needs. You don't have the capacity to learn everything you want to know, and don't have time to find all the information you need to make a decision.

    We believe you seek shortcuts. You want answers. You need wisdom.

    We believe in this new age of interdependence, it's essential to be both supportive and supportable. But interdependence can look and feel a lot like dependence. This distinction is being able to lean on others while not being needy.

    We believe finding a nice balance between being supportive and supportable is like stabilizing your blood pressure.

    We believe information is cheap. Knowledge is valuable. Wisdom is priceless. If you want to make an impact on people, serve up your wisdom.

    FraserNet's promise to you is to improve and enhance your life skills for business and your business skills for life.

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