Get Paid Playing Poker




    I can not stress enough that your success will depend upon playing only strong starting hands. Strong starting hands in Texas Hold’em include high pocket pairs and ace valued cards with a high kicker (second card).

    Okay, you have waited for a long time to be dealt that pair of pocket aces, now it’s time to aggressively play those strong starting hands.

    You need to raise pre-flop to get the most value out the hands that you play. Do not slow play your good hands. Always bet them! You want to make other players fold pre-flop to make your hand even stronger with fewer
    players in the pot.

    It’s your goal to make other players believe that you only put money into the pot when you have a strong starting hand.

    They will respect your patience and discipline and will think twice about bluffing you out of a pot. You can only create this type of poker imagine by playing strong starting hands.

    Fine, you should now have a good understanding of online poker and be ready to begin the step-by-step process of building your poker bankroll.

    I will show you how to maximize your poker profits by taking advantage of first time bonus opportunities, bonus reload offers, and affiliate rake rebate programs one poker website at a time.

    First time sign-up bonuses are essential to making this system work and build your bankroll fast. Bonus Reload offers are the core of this system and rake rebate programs will continue to add to your bankroll over the course of your poker career.

    Online poker sites need you to fill their poker rooms, so they can rake a percentage of each pot. By spreading your play between poker rooms, you will soon begin to receive reload bonuses that you can use over and over again.

    In other words; you will become an expert in the art of online “poker room hopping”. The profits that you make depend upon how much time you actually spend playing poker .

    The more poker you play, the faster your bonuses will be released. It’s that simple.