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    Welcome to Global Psychics & Healers
    The home of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers

    Your mobile connection to Global Psychics & Healers, as well as Asia and other countries coming on board.

    This organization was created to bring together the most professional, ethical and credible Light Workers around the globe. Each individual who is associated with the organization is dedicated to giving you the best consultation possible.

    You will find No Hot-Line Psychics in this organization! We are more than a directory, we are also a teaching organization. It will be our joy to share all that we know so that you too can grow on a spiritual level!

    Submit prayer requests, send us pictures that you have taken that are unusual - containing orbs or apparitions (spirits) in them! We have many already for your to view in the app!

    Via the app, we will keep you current with anything that is going on locally & globally in the world of psychics and healers! We will keep you updated about workshops, presentations, and events hosted by Global Psychics & Healers and their members.

    You'll find psychics and healers globally ready to work with you. You'll also find the social networks of each country's group linked directly in the app - a truly global connection!

    With our rapidly growing organizations, our mobile app will keep you connected.

    Love & Light,
    Rosemary The Celtic Lady

    CEO & Founder Global Psychics & Healers.& American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers.

    With our app....
    - Connect with us socially via Facebook and Twitter.
    - Submit photos of orbs via the camera function.
    - Get notified of events and let us know if you'll be attending.
    - Learn to develop your psychic & healing abilities with training events, workshops, and presentations.
    - View our video channel right inside the app!

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