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    Goldwatch is an android application for converting the gold-rate between different currencies and masses. It can assist you in checking the rates at a glance when buying and achieve better prices.

    Rates are updated in adjustable intervals and drawn clearly in plots or lists. It is possible to create depots, which help you to find optimal selling points.

    Through configurable widgets it is possible to fit the application to your needs and constantly keep the overview of depots or rates.

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    In the main window of Goldwatch the current rates of gold in the selected currency, the rate of dollar per euro and the time-stamp of the update are shown. The update mechanism uses the internet connection and has a configurable time interval. Through choosing the mass and currency you can convert the selected amount of gold to euros or dollars. For orientation the difference of the opening rate and the current rate is shown. If the trend is positive, the values are colored in green, otherwise red.

    Widgets are small windows of information, which can be freely positioned on your cellphone display. Add one or more configurable widgets to your home screens and keep the current gold-rate, or the value of your depot at a glance. During configuration of the widget you can choose mass, currency or an existing depot before placing the widget on your screen. The widget not only shows the selected rate and time-stamp of the update, but also the euro/dollar rate.

    Depots are practical for showing the gain or loss of a previously bought amount of gold and achieve an optimal selling point. The depot-list shows already created depots and the difference of buying rate to current rate. Through the menu you can add new depots with arbitrary mass, currency and buying rate. It is also possible to edit or delete existing depots. Similar to the main windows the values in the depot-list are colored depending on their performance. As previously mentioned, the depots can be displayed in the widgets.

    All downloaded rates are shown in the rates-list ordered by their update time-stamp. You can use the menu to switch between gold/dollar and euro/dollar rate. Filtering is possible using the options for period duration of year, month or day. Once the period duration is selected, choosing "next period" bzw. "previous period" switches the period. The status bar shows the currently used period. Using the rates-list-menu is is possible to advance to the plot window.

    The graphical presentation of the rate chosen in the the rates-list is carried out by the plot window. Similar to the rates-list, it is possible to walk through the periods by using the menu. If no data was collected for a period, you get a notification in the rates-list and in the plot view. The x-axis unit is, depending on the period duration, either month, days or hours. On the y-axis, a scale of dollar per ounce or dollar per euro is shown, corresponding to the selected rate. It is possible to scale the y-axis either based on the total data or on the selected period. The plot window also supports zooming, to examine certain parts or the plot more in detail.

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