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    Hub City provides power transmission products for use in recreation, transportation, military, packaging, construction, communication, material handling, medical and food processing equipment.

    Hub City’s HERA gear drive is designed to replace inefficient worm speed reducers and offers 90% EFFICIENCY & Up to 2X MORE TORQUE CAPACITY. Maximum power density, high efficiency, and modular mounting accessories make HERA the best alternative to legacy worm gearing technology. One SKU can replace up to 4 sizes of worm gear drives and four models of HERA can replace 10 sizes of worm gear drives, greatly simplifying product inventory & selection methods.
    • 2X Torque Density
    • 90% Efficiency
    • Modular Versatility
    • Motor Down-sizing
    • Inventory Simplification
    • Up to 40% energy savings vs. comparable worm gearing

    HERA Select enables a user to select an optimum sized HERA gear drive by either inputting the physical parameters of a worm speed reducer he or she wishes to replace, or by selecting competitor model nomenclature.

    The tool also lists the required accessory kits for easy bolt-in installation.

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