How To Invest In Trust Deeds

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    How To Invest In Trust Deeds

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    Discover Why Trust Deed Investors Almost Always Beat Stock Market Gamblers In Earnings!

    Dear Smart Investor...

    High return, low risk? Not in the stock market.

    One thing is for sure, while there are many differences between Trust deeds and other types of investments – a trust deed is an investment opportunity that offers you a high return with less risk.

    Smart investors pad their retirement fund with Trust deed investments because they can earn up to 10% back on their investment -- Year in, Year out!

    That's 5 times more retirement money compared to the average savings account.

    Plus each investment is secured by actual property – homes, buildings, or land.

    Here is just SOME of the insider investing tips you'll find inside:

    ★ Why Trust Deed Investing is safer than the stock market.

    ★ The big reason why Trust deed investors agree it's the best way to invest for retirement.

    ★ How to get 15 times more retirement money than you normally would.

    ★ 3 things you should ask to know about a borrower before you invest.

    ★ 3 vital parties involved in every trust deed.

    ★ 2 major differences between trust deeds and mortgages.

    ★ 7 reasons why investing in trust deeds is smarter than risking it in the stock market.

    ★ 9 reasons why trust deeds are in demand.

    ★ 6 rules of Real Estate Law you need to know before you invest.

    ★ Possibly the single most important element to secure investing in trust deeds (and how to make sure it's done right).

    ★ 9 areas to judge a borrower before you sign on.

    ★ 2 insurance policies that will ensure you're making a safe investment.

    ★ 7 things a loan servicing company can do for you to make Trust deed investing as effortless as possible.

    ★ The ins and outs of 8 loan notes your Trade deed may need to use (and how to handle each of them).

    ★ What to do if you lose a loan note (a copy of the original won't do it).

    ★ All you need to know about construction loans.

    ★ Insider tricks for using an escrow company to protect your money.

    ★ 8 things to know before you start working with your escrow company.

    ★ 2 ways to follow through with foreclosure and get back your investment.

    ★ 2 documents you'll need before you foreclose.

    ★ How to quickly handle a borrower's bankruptcy.

    ★ 7 beginning tips for succeeding with Trust deed investing.

    ★ 8 frequently asked questions for the beginning investor.

    ★ The 7 most important steps to winning with Trust deed investing.

    ★ and much, Much More!

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