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    Make your job easier with our handy refrigerant charging and diagnostic HVAC app - HVAC Buddy. If you are servicing equipment the best way to begin diagnosis and determine the proper refrigerant charge is to use HVAC Buddy, a set of gauges, and a thermometer.

    • Superheat for fixed capillary or Subcool forTXV/EXV systems
    • Calculates targeted vs. actual Subcooling
    • 73 refrigerants including R-22 (Freon), R-410A (Puron), R-404A, R-134A
    • Airflow / Delta-T / TEET Calculation
    • Diagnosis tab for leaks, overcharge, contaminants, etc.
    • Email System Status Report
    • Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI)
    • Use Target Superheat and Subcool tables or enter manually
    • Fast! Update values realtime with Temp and Press sliders
    • User friendly with several pages of step by step instructions

    if the early outdoor temperature is 75F and you charge the system to a “beer can cold” suction line your system is likely improperly charged. Later in the afternoon high temperatures will increase head pressure and the resulting overcharge means a lower than desired superheat and wasted energy. Not good!


    Use HVAC Buddy to enter refrigerant, temperatures, and pressures. The math is done for you to display Superheat or SubcoolingTarget, Actual, and Difference. Use temperature and pressure sliders to see what happens in realtime when these values change. HVAC Buddy contains generic charts for target Superheat and Subcool as well as pressure-temperature tables for 71 Refrigerants. Temperature data for your pressure is displayed on the refrigerant row and changes can easily be viewed by moving the pressure slider. Add or recover refrigerant to get the Actual value to within the displayed target Superheat or Subcool range.

    Diagnosis tab - shows common causes for high and low superheat, subcooling.

    Instructions - Several pages of detailed step by step instructions.

    Imperial/Metric - View units in Fahrenheit/Celsius or psi/kPa.

    Airflow - For cooling, compares a targeted difference across the coil vs. actual. Also called Delta-T or Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET). Sliders change values in realtime.

    System Status Report - Use the email tab to create defaults for email addresses, subject, and System Status Report introductory text. Tap the email button and these values are incorporated into a formatted page including all the parameters recorded in HVAC Buddy. Edit the email and / or add contacts. Then on each service call it's just a couple taps to send a personalized report.

    Note: To access Diagnostics, Email, and Instructions use your phones menu button.

    This app does NOT have a traditional PT Chart display. However, you can view temperatures in the upper left hand corner given any vapor line pressure (Superheat tab) or Liquid leaving pressure (Subcooling tab).

    Accolades and Awards:
    HVAC Buddy ranked #2 in readers choice of top 10 contracting apps.

    HVAC Buddy was featured by the California Association of HERS Raters and is CalHERS approved!

    "Very cool app. I can see California really running with this as we have strict requirements for verification." - John Richau, Executive Director, Calhers

    "an excellent programme" - Charlie Richards

    About Powertrade
    Powertrade is the number one developer of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking, proven apps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide.

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    Users comments for HVAC Buddy

    Todd Walton

    by Todd Walton

    Aug 29, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Use to be a really good app. Help you diagnose problems in your refrigerant circuit. Update a while back took away the features. Not worth 10$

    Tom Clayton

    by Tom Clayton

    Jun 30, 2017  |  "Good"

    Loaded on to my galaxy s7 edge but can't access the menu at all. Option for a refund has now gone as well. Feeling like i have just purchased half an app. Please advise.

    Dean Rivers

    by Dean Rivers

    Jun 29, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Greag app does ehat it says once i found menu button!

    Peter Oliphant

    by Peter Oliphant

    Jun 28, 2017  |  "OK"

    Where is this multi button you people speak off? It doesnt have a menu.

    Scot Roher

    by Scot Roher

    May 10, 2017  |  "OK"

    Function button gone, galaxy note 5. No longer able to use diagnose feature, and the soft key fix doesn't work. Used to be great for my employees to learn with.

    Demorial Jones

    by Demorial Jones

    Sep 23, 2016  |  "Good"

    I can't pull up the diagnostics and troubleshoot menu anymore ..

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