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    About I Get You Pro
    Most of us learn how to do our jobs effectively through a combination of training and trial and error. But learning to adapt the way we approach work situations to fit the person we’re dealing with is so different from person to person that we tend to make it up as we go along.

    Because everyone’s different, the number of possible ways we could handle a situation, like managing a meeting, is mind-boggling. Learning the tactics for dealing with every type of person in all situations would be a task of gargantuan proportions, requiring almost super-human skills of memory retention and recall.

    This is where I Get You Pro comes in…

    What does I Get You Pro do?
    I Get You Pro gives you situation-specific tactics for communicating with a particular individual – in a range of selling or managing contexts.

    It helps you understand how people are different, and know what you need to do to communicate effectively with them, whatever you’re doing, to get the best outcome for you and for them.

    Is it a psychometric profiling tool?
    It’s based on similar principles, but the big difference is that most psychometric profiling tools are designed for you to profile yourself, whereas I Get You Pro is a tool you use to profile other people.

    How accurate is it?
    It’s based on your perception of the person. Other people may have slightly different views. How you see someone is shaped by your knowledge and experience of them up to that point. If this is limited, your opinion will be less reliable than that of someone who knows them much better – but it’s a starting point, and any amount of insight is better than none at all. As you get to know someone better you’ll be able to refine your scores, possibly leading to a different profile and set of tactics.

    How much substance is there in IGYP?
    There are 10,000 person/situation-specific tactics, covering a wide range of Selling and Managing scenarios, totalling 340,000 words – about the same size as a seriously heavyweight novel! It’s one huge storehouse full of practical guidance for work-based people situations – and we’ll include more content in each new release.

    How has the tactical content been created?
    A highly experienced team was assembled to develop the content by Momenta Performance Academy.

    Momenta is one of the largest sales and management training organisations in the UK. In the past decade, 136,000 sales and management training days have been delivered by Momenta’s team - professionals who are experienced business leaders and managers, as well as top sales people. I Get You Pro’s sales and management content is the culmination of years of practical experience that has been the cornerstone of Momenta’s success.

    Over 5,000 managers and sales people have been coached by the professionals who created the content of I Get You Pro. Their deep understanding of human behavior and how to apply this knowledge effectively in sales and management situations, is at the heart of the app.

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