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    Brief description of the business:
    The Viral Franchise by I Wanna Be Rich is the pinnacle of multilevel
    marketing where you can earn an 'incredible' $50,000 dollars in monthly
    recurring income by making a minimum 6 franchise sales.

    As a Viral Franchise owner you will receive 4 different ways to make money with your new business:
    #1. Unlimited advertising to promote your other businesses or affiliate links.
    #2. Earn 100% of all advertising purchased from your franchise.
    #3. Receive 100% of all fee#1 and fee#2 I Wanna Be Rich Sales Cuts sold from your franchise.
    #4. (HOT) Sell Viral Franchises for recurring monthly income.

    So if you don't have one, you gotta get one .


    Company Description:
    The I Wanna Be Rich company was created for the sole purpose of getting the average
    Joe something that is hard to obtain, a big chunk on cash. This is a licensed and
    trademarked business built from the ground up, with it we are determined 'and succeeding'
    to make a kind of 'reset button' available to anyone and everyone who needs it. The
    programs offered at I Wanna Be Rich are legal, easy to use and most importantly
    cost effective. Please visit for more information.


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