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    Explanation on how to use idea cards
    Many people say that it is very difficult to get some ideas, but do you think it is true? I don’t think so.
    Most likely, new ideas come up to your mind if you add a new value or usage into the things already exist or change some part of it or entirety.
    Here is the very useful tool, called “Idea cards.”
    These cards are divided into 3 groups. They are called, “Cards for Change,” “Cards for Focus,” and “Cards for Purpose.”
    In each group, the following cards are included.
    First of all, there are “Cards for Change,” that include: “Softening,” “Making it bumpy,” “Breaking it into pieces,” “Making holes,” “Putting name,” and “Making it changeable.” And so on. These phrases help you to change things.
    The next is, “Cards for Focus,” that include: “The inside,” “The part of holding,” “The cover,” “The design,” “The entirety,” and “The selling place.” Etc. These phrases help you where you bring your focus, such as to the thing itself or its ambience.
    Finally, there are “Cards for Purpose,” that include: “In order for the elderly to use it easier,” “In order to have it as collection,” “In order to use it longer,” “In order to throw it easily,” “In order to make it quiet,” and “In order to make them sympathized.” Etc.
    Now, let’s try to use them!
    Let’s say, you are working for a furniture manufacturer, and you need some ideas for a new chair. You must get some ideas for a remarkable chair; the ideas that no one thought of before. Until today, you may have experience that you stayed up for 2 or 3 days to get some ideas and fell asleep during the daytime meeting. However, you don’t have to cut off your sleeping time or rely on some of your friends, called “Idea man,” anymore!
    First of all, draw one card randomly from each group.
    Then, you see the expression like: “Softening,” “The side,” and “In order to make it quiet.”
    By looking at these phrases, you can come up with the ideas for the new chair. For example, you may come up with the idea that you put the “cushion” on “the side” of the chair so that you can “avoid making noise” when the chairs hit each other. Such chair may be appealing to the people who use chairs in limited spaces where the chairs may hit each other.
    Let’s draw the cards again.
    This time, you see the expression like: “Making it bumpy,” “The bottom,” and “In order to make them consider their health.” In this case, you may come up with the idea that you vary the length of the “legs of chair to make it uneven so that a person who sits on it needs to balance the chair by “using their muscle for their health.” In this way, you may develop the new chair for customers to build up their healthy body.
    When you draw the idea cards, you may sometimes see expressions that confuse you for a while. In such case, it is important to expand your imagination from the expression you see in front of you.
    The idea cards that I made for this time contain 32 phrases for “Change,” 25 phrases for “Focus,” and 25 phrases for “Purpose.” If you multiply 32 times 25 times 25, you will actually see 20,000 different expressions. Starting from these expressions, you will come up with new ideas one after another.
    The idea is born from the thinking process with the combination of logical factors and coincidences like this. It is not just for gifted people called “Idea man,” who always comes up with excellent ideas.
    The thing I showed you today is the only preview of how to use idea cards. There are many other ways to apply this method. By all means, make your own idea cards for yourself.
    I look forward to receiving the result of using the idea cards. If you have any opinion or suggestion, please let me know.
    I am Hirofumi Okano, the inventor of idea cards from Tokyo. Thank you very much for your attention.