Ink Income




    Ink Income helps tattoo artists focus on what is most important to them! We feature an easy to use break even analysis calculator designed for tattoo artists.

    This is the first release. Exciting new options are planned in future releases that will help tattoo shops fulfill their job better.

    These feature include:
    -Taking pictures of your work and adding it to Flickr with a special tag (which then can be immediately displayed on your website).
    -Expense tracking.

    Please follow and (The developers) to see progress on the upcoming releases.

    As most tattoo artists spend little time at a computer while the work, they need a tool to quickly calculate whether they will break even with a given rate and with given costs.

    Ink Income addresses this issue by providing a quick and easy break even analysis for the tattoo artist on the spot. It simply allows the artist to know exactly how much they can expect to gain or lose at a given rate of work.

    It also lets the tattoo artist know how many hours a week they need to work to make a profit.

    As we develop this app further, we hope to add additional tools to help tattoo studios market their products and track their customers.