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    Innovation Skills Assessment

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    The world's first such mobile app, eFuel's new Innovation Skills Assessment app, is now also available for Blackberry devices (Apple iOS version coming soon).

    This powerful tool provides fresh insights in relation to both the innovation skills of the individual and the innovation requirements of the job being (or to be) performed. Through scoring and charts, it highlights the individual’s strengths and areas needing development in the context of the innovation demands of a particular job or job function.

    The tool is based on The Conference Board of Canada's General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT) and consists of a self-assessment, job assessment and gap analysis. As a mobile app, it brings new convenience and enhancements for individuals and organizations alike, such as automated scoring, charting and benchmark comparisons.

    Key skills, behaviours and attitudes are assessed with respect to the following four important pillars:

    o Generating Ideas;
    o Taking Calculated Risks and Being Entrepreneurial;
    o Developing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships; and,
    o Turning Ideas Into Products, Processes, and Services.

    This assessment app may be used by the individual, their manager, or in a collaborative manner with both the individual and manager providing input.

    The assessment has three parts:

    1. Individual skills and competencies - The extent to which an individual demonstrates a desired innovation skill;

    2. Job requirements - The importance of an innovation skill to a particular job or job function; and,

    3. Gap - The innovation skills gaps which may exist between an individual’s skills and what the job requires.

    Individuals and organizations can use the findings from this assessment to build or improve innovation capacity and performance:

    For individuals – Identify strengths and weaknesses in your innovation skills, and pursue further professional development as appropriate.

    For managers/employers – Build highly innovative workplaces by matching the right people with the right jobs, and/or altering certain job functions.

    For Human Resources managers – Affording better insight toward hiring the right people, with the right innovation skills, for the right job; focus training development and delivery to address innovation skills priorities and gaps, for current employees.

    Benchmarking is also provided to help you compare your results to those of others, where there is sufficient data available.

    Please contact us if you wish to discuss volume licensing for your organization.


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