Interview Simulator Premium

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    A unique app that simulates a real job interview and replays your responses for evaluation.

    This app will help you to develop a compelling career story by highlighting your assets and navigating around your weaknesses. It will help you ease past common and advanced interview questions giving you hints, tips and even sample responses from hiring experts.

    Includes some incredibly cool features;

    1. Six, 30-minute interviews rated Medium, Hard and Management.
    2. 80+ difficult, thought-provoking interview questions.
    3. Jobreadify training videos (Interview and Cover Letters)
    4. A handy interview day checklist.
    5. Audio or video recording capability designed to help you perfect your pitch, tone and body language.
    6. Self assessment criteria to help you determine the quality of your answer.
    7. Interview one includes three sample responses per question.
    8. Each sample answer reveals a live view of the interviewer's notes so that you get a feel for the interviewer's reaction.

    The three three interviewee characters in the sample answers are;

    1. Cassandra, who aces every question and is eventually awarded the job.
    2. Paul, who is an example of a strong candidate that makes enough minor errors to miss out.
    3. Jenny, who has not yet realised that interviews are about what she can do for the business, not about her personally.

    It’s one thing to read an interview question and answer it in your head. But it’s another level up to hear the question, and just like a real interview, instantly formulate a mental response and articulate it in a clear, friendly and natural tone!

    And while reading practice questions alone helps you to recollect key career points, they do not help when it comes to your vocal delivery.

    If you are not confident that you can verbally replay your career story in a convincing and information rich manner under many different interview scenarios then this app is for you.

    Interview simulator is not just new. It's a whole new way of approaching interview preparation. In fact, this app is so innovative that it has already been featured in two books;

    Business Communication Essentials 7e by Courtland Bovee and Business Communication Today, 13e, by Courtland Bovee.

    It’s suitable for beginners and experienced job seekers alike.

    Give it a go today and get the jump on your competition!

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