InventoryCount is for use by Organisations in carrying out physical inventory checks. Its functionality includes the
    import of CSV (Comma Separated Values) files containing inventory details. These details include the item description, item quantity, item location and unique item identifier.

    The quantity can be checked against the physical value and amended as required. The location can be filtered on so
    that only a discreet number of entries are displayed at one time. The unique item identifier can be used when the
    updated inventory items are returned to the parent IT Inventory system thereby allowing the main system to be updated.

    InventoryCount includes the functionality to output all Inventory items in a CSV file in addition to allowing the
    output of items that have been updated to be output as a separate CSV file.

    The system is intuitive to use and its operation can be picked up within a short time period. It requires Android 2.2 or higher.