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    Are you in business for yourself and do you need to make business calls to grow your business?

    Are you using a proven script to make your business or sales call?

    Do you need to teach your team to make business calls by using the same script?

    Are you building your business in the following industry?
    Real estate, mutual fund, insurance, network marketing, automobile sales, other forms of sales and marketing...

    InvitationPro allows you to save your business call scripts in your smartphone and tablets. Whenever and wherever you need to make calls, your script is ALWAYS with you.

    When your client ask a question or give a response, do you need some time to find your written response?

    InvitationPro is interactive. You ask (actually just read) a proven question, then wait for a few predictable answers. When the prospect replied, you click the given answer and ask the next question. So you never need to find your next line again!

    Do you need to make extra copies of your script to pass to your team members for duplication?
    Now you can simply send your scripts to your team.

    Do you have a burning desire to achieve your dreams?
    You can copy a few pictures of your dream into a folder, InvitationPro will display your dreams in a slide show, while you are going through the rejections.

    Do you need a little inspiration, a bit of extra strength to go the distance? InvitationPro displays a slide show of inspiring quotes together with your dream pictures. You can even add in extra quotes that touch you, in any language you like.

    You are committed to your success, I am honored to be at your service. I wish you and your family a great future.

    Value added features:
    - Support 25 most popular languages.
    - Plays a slide show of pictures of your dreams.
    - Plays a slide show of inspirational quotes that you can customize in any languages.
    - Create and use unlimited number of scripts.
    - Supports multiple languages within a single script.
    - Supports both portrait and landscape mode.
    - Fits any screen 3.0 inches and above.
    - User Guide available in 25 most popular languages.

    Need any special features or have any special request? Please send me a mail with detailed explanation. Your ideas may benefit all other InvitationPro users. Thank you.