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ISO 28000 Audit

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    ISO 28000:2007 specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance of the supply chain. Security management is linked to many other aspects of business management. Aspects include all activities controlled or influenced by organizations that impact on supply chain security. These other aspects should be considered directly, where and when they have an impact on security management, including transporting these goods along the supply chain.

    The Audit tool is equally useful for internal audit as well as client company Audits.
    The app allows the auditor to:
    -Create Audits
    -Manage Audits and Status of audit
    -Audits can be saved in multiple sessions and hence give flexibility to complete audit over period of time without losing any data
    -Facility of creating and reusing -templates for quick audits
    -Facility of creating ISO question set and reuse it
    -Generate report in PDF and Email to potential stakeholders

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