The Dotsquares iSolve IT App is designed to make the process of reporting problems with your web solutions quick and simple. Specifically created to allow you to alert our technical team to a whole range of issues, straight from your mobile device.
    The application allows you to enter contact details, which can be updated at a later date, ready to be called upon when reporting to our team to save you having to remember everything. You are provided with 4 initial options to either start reporting issues, submit you requirements to us, request a call-back and to contact us directly.
    You can select to use either one of the predefined options to alerts us to hosting/server, website or mobile application issues. If your query does not fit in to one of our categories you are free to inform us of any other issues you may have.
    When reporting a hosting/server issues the application will run a check on the validity of your domain and make sure the server is responding. If everything seems fine the query will be forwarded us to so we can take action and resolve the problem.
    When submitting details on your website or mobile application you can specify as much or as little information as you want to provide and let us know exactly how important each task is – even down to who it concerns, to ensure the relevant person is involved.
    You can forward the submission immediately or save it for a later date. All entries will be recorded for your reference, should you need to return, and it serves as a helpful record of your previous activities. If you choose to submit you requirements to us they will be delivered straight to us, where one of our Team will call you back to offer assistance.
    There is also the option to simply email or call use directly from within the app at the touch of a button. If you prefer, you can also connect with us via your favourite social network such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
    The Dotsquares iSolve IT will allow us to keep up to date with all of your requirements and be quick to respond in the event that there is a problem. If you need to stay in touch and are looking for a quick, uncomplicated option, it’s about time you downloaded our App. We’ll help you iSolve IT!

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