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    This is a free trial version of the iTap mobile RDP remote desktop client.
    Manage your Windows desktop from your Android device. Utilizing the Microsoft RDP protocol, iTap mobile RDP gives you complete control and fast access from anywhere. Supports TS Gateway and does not need software to be installed on your PC.

    ✔ FAST

    With advanced compression and caching technologies, iTap mobile RDP allows you to use your Windows desktop conveniently, even when forced to use slower EDGE or GPRS connections. Compared to other Android clients iTap RDP can be more than twice as fast as the next best competitor.

    ✔ SECURE

    iTap mobile RDP offers FIPS compliant security and support for NLA (Network Level Authentication). Additionally it is possible to automatically reconnect to existing sessions without storing passwords on your device.

    ✔ USABLE

    Using the same convenient gestures as iTap mobile touchpad, iTap mobile RDP puts you in full control over your desktop. Whether you need to scroll, drag and drop, or just right-click, you can perform all your tasks without having extra buttons or bars cluttering up you screen.

    Using our new desktop engine, you can access even huge desktops with full speed. In addition the sound of your windows desktop will automatically play on your Android device.

    The built-in keyboard features all the keys and modifiers found on a traditional PC keyboard. Additionally it has full support for international languages, including eastern asian input methods.

    The unique scope mode gives you precise control over your mouse and convenient drag-and-drop gestures, while still maintaining quick access to your complete desktop.


    + Windows XP Professional
    + Windows Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise
    + Windows Server 2000
    + Windows Small Business Server 2003
    + Windows Server 2003 (console and terminal server)
    + Windows Server 2008 (console and terminal server)
    + Windows Server 2008 R2 (console and terminal server)
    + Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
    + Windows Small Business Server 2011
    + Windows Server 2012

    Microsoft limits the Windows features in "Home" editions. If you would like to make use of RDP please upgrade to one of the supported Windows editions.


    + Support for TS Gateway (RDP from Anywhere)
    + Support for RD Web Access and RemoteApp
    + Support for NLA (Network Level Authentication) and TLS security methods
    + Native resolution support on all Android devices
    + 60% less bandwidth than any other RDP client on Android. This means twice the speed over slow networks!
    + Huge Desktops. Up to the Windows limit of 4096x2048 pixels
    + Sound support. Stream sound from Windows directly to your phone
    + Built-in support wizard
    + Unique scope mode for precise control of your remote desktop!
    + Three different mouse input modes
    + Automatic bandwidth reduction on 3G networks
    + Automatic reconnect without needing to enter passwords
    + Highest security (including NLA and FIPS compliant security protocols)
    + Full international keyboard support
    + Fully gesture based for maximum screenspace
    + Compression and persistent Bitmap Cache for reduced bandwidth
    + 8, 16, 24 and 32bit color modes
    + Console sessions (Windows Server products)
    + Remote Program support (start programs automatically on login)
    + Convenient server search and reachability tests for bookmarks
    + Remember multiple credentials per server
    + Clipboard redirection
    + SD card redirection
    + App2SD
    + Bookmark shortcut for homescreen

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