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    KES Solutions UK - A modern and innovative recruitment agency
    Our thorough selection process and commitment to service will ensure total satisfaction to our clients and candidates. We strongly believe that in order to find your recruitment solutions it is fundamental we foster close working relationships.
    We pride ourselves in developing a high understanding of your business needs enabling us to have already devised strategies to help solve problems that may occur.
    In a world of instant messaging and ever increasing automated self-service options we have embraced the latest technology and developed our unique web based portal that allows clients and candidates to access information at anytime from anywhere. This newly created system is still on its journey to finalisation with many exciting features to come. It will remove paper processes, speed up job applications and allow greater transparency for clients; you can gain instant access to candidate records, process time sheets and locate relevant documentation.
    Whether you are a candidate looking for work or an employer looking for staff we will work with you to achieve the results you desire.

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