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    What can you do with Key for Fast Food?
    Key for Fast Food is used to enter orders for fast food restaurants and handle orders from the Internet by customers.

    What do you have to do before using Key for Fast Food?
    You must host your restaurant menu with Key for Restaurant before using Key for Fast Food.

    Business can be categorized into three models, "Paying before receiving goods", "Paying after receiving goods", "Paying and receive goods at the same time"

    1. Paying before receiving goods (recommended)
    Most fast food restaurants like Mcdonals use "Paying before receiving goods" method; after calculating the total cost, get paid from the customer, then click "Pay Print" or "Pay" button, which botton should be used is depending on whether you want a receipt or not. You have to mark it done on the packing page after finish packing to remove the order from the list.

    2. "Paying after receiving goods" and "Paying and receiving goods at the same time"
    For business that use "Paying after receiving goods" or "Paying and receive goods at the same time"; should use the button "Pay Print Clear" or "Pay & Clear" after finish packing.

    Key for Fast Food provides as many as four key functions

    1. Taking orders for fast food restaurants:
    This is the major function that can be used for fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King. Employees can use this function to take orders for customers

    Order life cycle( Paying before receiving goods)
    Login as an employee
    Browse the category and adding food items to the basket for the customer.
    Submit the selection
    Collect payment from the customer and click the "Pay Print" button.
    Pack the food items from the packing list into a tray or bag and hand it to the customer.
    Remove the order from the packing list by clicking on "Done"

    2. Internet Ordering:
    Customers can place orders using their cell phones to your restaurant from home or work place,

    Order life cycle(Paying and receiving goods at the same time)
    Customer login
    A customer login and places an order from the Internet
    Employee login
    An employee login
    The employee approves the order, the approved order is then send to the kitchen for cooking.

    The employee pack the food items from the packing list into a bag
    Bring up the bill by clicking on the order number
    Charge the customer's credit card if the customer is paying by credit card
    Click the "Pay & Print & clear" button
    Deliver the food to the customer
    If the customer did not pay by credit card, collect cash from the customer.

    3. Fast Food Self Service:
    It can be used as a self service system by placing several machines in front of your restaurant for customers to order by themselves without employee interaction.

    4. Dining Self Service:
    By putting one machine for each table, you created a dining self service system. Customers place orders by themselves without employee's interaction. This makes it an ideal tool for Internet cafes.

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