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    This app is designed for waiters, waitresses and restaurant owners. No matter your restaurant is big or small, you have to have this app.

    Your Goal:
    Host your restaurant menu online, so waiters can take orders using cell phones.

    You need to register your restaurant once only, register more than once will treat it as a different restaurant. However, you can add more employees for your restaurant.

    Option 1: One cell phone only
    Option 2: (recommended)
    One cell phone for each waiter.
    One or more tablets or PCs in the kitchen

    Option 1: Browser Only ( )
    Option 2:
    Browser plus Key for Waiter or Key for Restaurant

    Dining lifecycle:

    1. Waiters use cell phone to take orders for customers. waiters don't have to go in the kitchen to hand in the orders.
    2. Chefs look up the order and begin to cook, and mark it done when the food is ready.
    3. Waiters deliver the food to the customers.
    4. Waiters write up the bills based on table ID, no calculation is needed.
    5. Cashiers charge the customers.

    Click on the following items in the same sequence to complete the dining lifecycle:
    1. New/Chg-Tbl
    2. Menu
    3. Confirm
    4. Kitchen
    5. Bill(Check)

    1. Use client and server model, any number of computers can connect, especially pocket PCs and cell phones.
    2. Use cell phone to take orders for customers. Cook right after confirmation, waiters don't have to go in the kitchen to hand in the orders.
    3. Auto refresh of kitchen page, new orders show automatically.
    4. Support dish ID ordering.
    5. Open architecture, you can add your own order pages with pictures.
    6. Can store "take out" customer address information for next time use.
    7. Orders can be printed to kitchen directly.
    8. No calculation is needed, bills are ready for the customers.
    9. Can view all old bills and download as MS Spreadsheet.
    10. Can calculate total revenue in any period of time.
    11. Show twenty best selling dishes.
    12. Capable to handle tax.
    13. Easy to use, any one can learn in 5 minutes.

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