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    More Used Cars Pico System (kuCIS) - Free Applications

    Want to learn more about how much the price of new cars is yeotneunji my car?
    Want to learn more about how maeipga of my car?
    You can not know the price of a used car you want to buy a new car you do not have go less embarrassed?
    Need to know the exact degree of my car?
    Can not know the exact vehicle you want to buy a used car Do not have ratings are damages you ever?
    Is my car, and you do not have to buy a small used car you have questions could have been exchanged places?
    It failed to accurately assess the accident site Do not have a will you ever lose?
    Do you find a way to tell the accident site, without the performance check?
    Having been unable to quote did not buy no car registration?
    Is to buy a used car does not have the vehicle identification number you have you ever lost?
    Need to think about used car dealers started?
    Do you want a used car valuation methods systematically trained?

    Used Car More Used Cars for transparent transactions, "Pico System" was born.

    Main Content
    - KuCIS classroom: the classroom was opened for used cars evaluated at kuCIS.
    - New tags: according to the model can be seen as the first date based on the new car price tag.
    - QuickGrade: New pricing model in the (rank) you can organize the contents distinction is possible to easily identify vehicles (class).
    - PhotoGrade: We present a method that can distinguish between models (grade) in the picture.
    - According to the model evaluation method: You can see the type of vehicle accidents and performance checks to determine whether the way.
    - Assessment know-how: know-how accumulated evaluation will inform a used car for 12 years.
    - Find out more models: Learn how to find a detailed model (class) to twenty questions format.
    - VIN Number Search: You can use the VIN search engine displacement, vehicle and so on.
    - Dealer entrepreneurship education: education can apply for a used car evaluation.

    How to Use
    - Ku system services, just simple membership, application installation (phone numbers, passwords, names) will be available free of charge.
    - Smartphone users is available free of charge to anyone, no matter who.
    - Application information, please refer to the announcements.

    Version: 1.2.3

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