LAMP (SM) gives you ability to help gather end of life and migration information about your Cisco equipment through our LAMP LOOKUP (TM) for Cisco products tool. With just a serial number or Cisco product number either typed, spoken or scanned via barcode with your camera, the LAMP app will gather and present data from multiple sources. This version of LAMP is available to all users, whether LaSalle Solutions customer or not.

    Customers can go further and log in to gain access to some of the key functionalities of their LAMP site including asset search, ticket search, RMA creation, and view their personalized dashboard.

    For over 30 years, LaSalle has created relationships with our customers by listening to their issues and reacting. One of the greatest success stories has been the development of LAMP. What began as a solution to a single customer’s problem, has become the leading contract management tool in the IT industry. LAMP provides our customers with the information and process to manage their IT assets and contracts from multiple vendors. But it’s not just about information management; it’s about reporting as well. From End of Life reports to Activity Summaries, LAMP provides the tools and the LaSalle team brings the process to make the management of assets and contracts that much easier.

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