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    John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader has released a new video! In it he reveals how to trade like a winning hedge-fund manager: Trading Strategy & Tactics…This breakthrough new Hedge Fund Strategies video will make you richer (and a lot of high-priced, so-called “trading gurus” a little poorer.) It’s John Thomas’s latest presentation on the strategy and tactics behind how he trades his elite hedge fund. Watch the FREE Presentation and discover his hedge fund trading secrets right now, while they’re 100% free.

    The buzz surrounding his last presentation on how to play the commodities boom was enormous (check out on the page below this latest video). I think it was one of the most popular trading and investing videos posted online in the last several months. No wonder John Thomas is wiping the floor with almost every other hedge fund in the world right now (he’s literally one of the top traders in the business today). In this video, he shows you how to trade your IRA or 401(k) like it’s a hedge fund. PLUS, he breaks down the strategy and tactics he used to help regular investors make a killing in the market this year.

    This is the same strategy that has a history of turning $100,000 into $420 million, by the way…and those are REAL numbers, NOT pie-in-the-sky hypotheticals. This is a barn-burner of a video. He just lays it all on the line. Your other option is to just give him the $5 million minimum investment in his hedge fund and let him trade it for you, OR you can watch this free presentation on how to do it yourself.

    You’ll want to hurry. The rumor is this presentation is not going to stay up for long, so I urge you to watch it now. Make sure to watch for the surprise at the end. It’s one of the single greatest free opportunities I’ve ever seen for traders. I hope you’ve been following the AMAZING free content from John Thomas. And today I’m telling you something that I KNOW will appeal to you if you’re at all serious about making money in forex. John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, presents:

    Where The Money is in 2011 And Where to Get Rich in Forex in 2011: Where the Money is in 2011: Where top hedge funds are betting the money is, including little-known “frontier” & emerging markets, secular bull markets in commodities, currencies, hot ETFs and more. How to play the THREE biggest currency trades that hedge fund traders are already drooling over. If you trade currencies or FOREX, these 3 big currency trades could put a lot of money in your pocket over the next several months – or cost you a bundle if you don’t understand their implications. Currencies are the new canaries in the coal mine for global risk taking. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this Top Currency Trades video now- you’ll be glad you did!

    So John, the Mad Hedge-Fund Trader, wants to let you hear from a regular investor who’s followed his advice. This gentleman, Elias, has only had ONE unprofitable trade in THREE YEARS! What’s even more shocking: Elias has only had access to one-tenth of what you’re going to be getting in Macro Millionaire. John Thomas is definitely for real. Hear Elias’ story straight from the horse’s mouth…

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