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    For new sales agents and brokers, Merritt will have all the real estate courses required for licensing by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) online as well. Property managers will soon see online courses to jump-start their careers as well. Whether you are looking for a career in mortgage underwriting, banking, appraising, sales and leasing or property managing, Merritt has you covered with the convenience of online real estate courses. Whether you are starting your career, changing careers or just educating yourself as an investor--choose Merritt for all of your real estate course needs! Our real estate faculty is highly educated and experienced in their respective professions. They possess numerous state and national credentials, so you know you are getting the highest quality real estate education you can find. Check us out! If you're interested in chatting with other real estate students and working professionals, please join our growing student club, the Merritt College Real Estate forum. We have over 600+ members and are growing everyday. For more information, contact Guy Forkner at Or Carl Ogden at