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    Majella Insight™ is a Complete Mobile Data Collection and Integration System for Android mobile devices to replace paper-based systems. Data is collected and transferred in real-time to web-based management systems, where it can be analyzed and integrated with other information. All information is made available for the organization in multiple formats, and can be viewed as graphs, tables, maps, and exported to other personalized products.

    Convert Paper Forms into Electronic Forms:

    Quickly and easily convert your paper forms into electronic forms or create your own mobile forms in minutes using the most powerful, yet user friendly form creation software available. There's no programming required and you can update forms on the fly to dispatch out to your Team in the field for real-time data capture.

    The Majella Insight mobile application allows you to do more than just collect data, it enables you to capture:
    •GPS Coordinates & Geocoding
    •Multiple Images
    •Bar Codes
    •Sketches on Images

    You can't do that with paper forms!

    You can collect data even in disconnected environments and it's easy to incorporate Majella Insight into your current field procedures.

    By transitioning to a paperless system, where data is instantly recorded and made available, not only is accuracy improved, but efficiency is gained. This saves both time and money. This process eliminates the redundancy of manual forms and clipboards, and because all data is available in real-time over the web, it improves global situational awareness, helping managers make faster and more accurate decisions.

    Majella Insight is a multipurpose solution which can be used for:

    • Inspections
    • Surveys/polls
    • Damage assessments
    • Maintenance management for buildings, roads, equipment, vehicles, etc.
    • Inventory/asset tracking
    • Tracking patient information
    • Tracking displaced persons
    • Audits
    • Project management
    • Task management and so much more

    Secure Cloud Application
    • Central secure data storage
    • Review, edit, map, and manage data records
    • Create forms using a simple drag‐and­‐drop interface. No programming required.
    • Create message notifications to send to mobile units in the field
    • Dispatch records and work orders to

    Integrate and Export
    • Export data to a many formats including Excel, CSV, G Docs, PDF, KML etc.
    • Create XML Web Service URLs for integration with other systems
    • Utilize the ArcGIS Connector to interface seamlessly with your ArcGIS system
    • Export data for integration, advanced mapping, and reporting

    We are a full service company and our staff has years of experience in the field making your transition from a paper-based system to an electronic system quick and easy.

    • Professional form building
    • On-site and web‐based training and support
    • Project management
    • Device and communications procurement
    • Field Teams
    • Customized development, reporting, and mapping

    THIS APP REQUIRES A CONNECTION TO A MAJELLA INSIGHT CLOUD ACCOUNT - Please visit the Majella Global Technologies website to find out more about how Majella Insight can help your organization save time and money and for information on how to sign-up for a Majella Insight Cloud Account.

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