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    Get all the updated financial news on your android, from Mike Norman In The People's Budget, Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University, as well as Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, outlines the four budget approaches that are now on the table. From the the MMT perspective they all fail because they do not understand sectoral balances and think that balancing the budget is a good idea. It's not only a wrong idea, it is a crazy idea in this economic environment. If any of these ideas are enacted, depression here we come. With all those credentials, I'm surprised that Prof. Sachs would miss this. His heart is in the right place, but his analysis isn't.
    have a 3-year old and we have started giving him an allowance: $0.30 a week. He does have to earn it however. Since he is only three, he has small “chores,” such as putting his plate on the counter after dinner, keeping his room tidy, and behaving at daycare. He then must save 1/3 ($0.10 into his piggy bank) and give away 1/3 (to church/charity/wherever he wants, even to his baby brothers’ piggy bank if he decides). The final dime is his to do with whatever he wants. We also keep track of his money on the fridge: if he wants to trade Mommy or Daddy $0.35 for a quarter and dime so he can get gum from a quarter machine, we check to make sure he’s not “dipping into” his 1/3 savings and just using the extra money. He absolutely loves this system, which we’ve based on Dave Ramsey’s teachings.
    learning money management skills. Instead of figuring out how much to give, instead figure out where you think your child should be spending their own money. Maybe you always buy them some candy at the grocery store. Instead of buying it, provide them an allowance that would allow them a small candy for each visit or a better one fewer times a week. You explain that they have to buy it with their own money and help them reason through the choice to buy something they don’t want as much now or to save for something they want more. As they get older, extend this to more things ost of the consumers spend for the purpose of flaunting their wealth as this is the ultimate motive for conspicuous consumption. Materialism can be coined as conspicuous consumption. People who are in awe with materialism focus their attention to “keeping up with the Joneses,” a popular phrase for conspicuous consumption. In this situation you gauge your wealth by comparing it with your neighbor’s prosperity. In order to prove his power of wealth he will invest more money on a larger house, more expensive cars and other luxury goods.
    • Savings Rate is low
    Consumer’s approach towards materialism instigates them to spend more to acquire more goods. Presently, people are not interested in saving as they spend their full income to purchase goods and services. The economists in the government as well as in the private sectors have cautioned about the severe impact due to the diminishing savings rate of the Nation. Capital investment is decreasing with low savings rate amongst the Americans. Lack of investment capital fails to give scope for economic expansion. In a way, the U.S economy is controlled by the foreign investors.
    • Consumer Debt
    The psychological impact of materialism on people drives them to buy things that exceed their budget. They usually incur insurmountable debts on credit cards with high interest or huge amount of mortgage for large houses. Mortgage is taking a serious shape in the U.S economy and around the globe. People are taking out loans to buy large and expensive houses but they default with the crash in the housing and credit market. Even post recession, many Americans have come across a dangerous situation as there is lack of financial security and no job security.

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