Mileage Book




    Easy mileage registration with a scalable solution.
    The tax requirements are fulfilled in relation to driving and accounting.

    Digital mileage book
    The app automatically detects start and end addresses via GPS, as well as the exact driven distance.
    Add the trip’s purpose and your tax documentation is ensured. Then you can safely send your mileage log to payroll directly from your mobile.

    Mileage Book on the website
    We securely store your trips on our server. You will get a login to the Mileage book web site, where you find your trips and track your mileage logs, as well having the opportunity to export your mileage logs in multiple formats, such as PDF & Excel.

    The free app is designed to:
    - Registration of business and private trips.
    - Copy an existing trip.
    - Copy an existing trip as return trip.
    - Calculation of reimbursement.
    - Automatic log of your start and end addresses.
    - Automatic log of start and end times.
    - AutoSave of your favorite locations for later use.
    - Calculation of the distance traveled for both business and private trips.
    - GPS-log.

    The PRO subscription includes
    - Access to the Mileage Book web application.
    - Synchronizing of data between multiple devices.
    - Synchronizing of data ongoing or only when you’re on WIFI.
    - Backup of data.
    - See trips on maps on website
    - Export trips as PDF, XML and Excel-XML.
    - Customize the reports to fit your needs.
    - Add an additional car.
    The first 30 days is for free
    You will receive the first 30 days for free, where you have access to all above features. Then you can choose to upgrade and continue with all the same features with PRO or you can skip the upgrade and from now on use the FREE version

    Subscription Pro+ - Full automatic
    If you upgrade from PRO to PRO+ will you get a full automatic solution.
    The app automatically connects to a Bluetooth signal in your car and automatically detects start and stop of your trips.

    Scalable solution
    Mileage Book can be scaled after your company’s needs. Our solution can be used by individual employee, as well as handle all size of companies. It depends on your wishes and needs.

    Mileage Book

    PS: A GPS, that drive continuously in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

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