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    Power your business from the palm of your hand.

    MINDBODY’s Biz Mode App makes your business as mobile as you are by letting you add, manage, and schedule clients from your Android device.


    With an active login to a MINDBODY Site, you and your staff can log in and view schedules at the day or month level, or use List View to check all upcoming appointments in one place.

    • List: You can take a quick glance at your upcoming appointments, complete with colored status indicators, unavailable time slots, and alert icons.

    • Day: View the day’s schedule all at once to spot gaps where you can schedule more appointments.

    • Month: Tap a day of the month to view a scrolling list of your appointments underneath the calendar. If you’re the owner, then you can take a look at how well your business is staffed and how many visits are on the schedule. Two numbers will display below each date on the calendar: the number on the left is the number of staff on schedule for that day, while the number on the right stands for the number of appointments booked. This helps you determine if you're understaffed or overstaffed.


    Owners and staff members with proper permission can see a full staff list. Tap a staff member’s name to see a detailed schedule. Create appointment availability and block off staff schedules during unavailable time slots.

    Notes - Staff members will only appear if they are designated for appointment services in their profiles.


    Book and edit appointments, even mark their statuses (e.g., arrived, confirmed, and early cancelled). Tap a single appointment to access a comprehensive summary of information pertaining to the session, including your client’s contact phone and email, and any notes that may be essential to completing the service well. If you need to make last minute changes, you can reassign the start time, end time, session type, and staff member.

    Notes - To book appointments using the Biz Mode App, the following appointment options must be set in your MINDBODY Site: “Allow Client Booked Appointments” must be enabled, and “Require Client Payment for Booked Appointments” must be disabled.

    Additional Info

    If a client has made purchases at your business, then you’ll notice an "Additional Info" Button at the bottom of his or her Appointment Details Screen. Tap it and you'll see travel-sheet style information about purchases the client has made in the past, along with other appointments that he or she has today.


    Add new clients and edit the following profile information: contact phone number, email, yellow alert, red staff alert, gender, client notes.

    Unavailability and Availability

    Need to block yourself off for lunch? Or create some availability to book more appointments? Click on the Plus Menu to create single day availabilities or unavailabilities.


    The app cannot display or book prep and finish times, and you won’t be able to book staggered duet appointments (e.g., cut and color appointments with different start times). Hot words aren't used (yet).

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