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    This App shows the features available to you through although your App could look and feel totally different - Your App will be tailor made to suit your needs

    Apps for people, businesses, products, promotions, events, brands, organisations, associations, clubs, almost anything! - Promote the best you have to offer with your own Android App!

    Some of the features on show in this version:

    Push Messages:

    Send custom messages to your users. Messages show in the Notification bar of their device.
    Clickable title and subtitle, that can be linked to a custom website page.
    Great for keeping people up to date with offers, news, events and more.

    Social Media
    All your social media content brought together in one place;
    YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - RSS - Blog - flickr - ShoutCast Radio - PodCast

    Image / Wallpaper Gallery - allow users to view / share / save media

    Audio player - Allow your users to listen, share and save anything from music files to tourist translations to anything !

    HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript pages can be built-in to the App (Mini websites within the App). This allows you to display custom content exactly how you wish.

    Location - GPS - Maps
    Upcoming Events / Meetings / Conferences / Nearby Accomodation
    Users can get info and use navigation to get to your event

    Get the lowdown on your users activity - what are your most visited pages? How long do people stay? What city are they in? What device are they using? And a lot more. A critical tool for website and App development and for marketing.


    Displaying ads within your App
    Earn Ad Revenue

    Browse through the App activities to see how they look.
    Ads are optional on Apps from mjwebsites

    HTML / CSS
    Custom HTML5 CSS3 example page with javascript for swipe content

    All comments / suggestions welcome

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