MobileSigner is based on the SealSign Engine solution, from 11 Paths, a Telefonica Company. SealSign Engine is an enterprise server that integrates electronic digital signature of documents in business applications and mobility devices. It is a complete, flexible and versatile signature engine:

    • Web service-based architecture.
    • Electronic document format: PDF, XML, Office, Open Office, CMS...
    • Simple and advanced signature formats: PKCS#7/CMS and CAdES, XMLDSig and XAdES, PDF Signature and PAdES.
    • Allows time stamping signatures.
    • Incorporates a complete certificate validation authority.
    • Allows mobility signatures from smartphone and tablets.
    • Has several connectors for integrating business applications and document management.
    • Allows client and server signing.

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    The free electronic signature service used by this application incorporates trusted certificate providers based on TSL lists as defined in standard ETSI TS 102 231 v.3.1.2. You can view the list of providers configured in the service inside the terms of service document. If you need to register a provider that is not reflected in the list, please contact the support department through the application.

    Terms of service:

    Contact with to to obtain source code of this application