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    Q: What does MoMoAL do?

    MoMoAL lets you advertise in voice.

    Have stocks to clear? Take a photo, write a short ad, hear how it sounds, then send the ad out.

    Have a hawker stall to recommend? Write a sentence, listen to it, then send.

    Q: What language can I use in an ad?

    MoMoAL supports English and Chinese at the moment.

    If you have a language that we should support, just tell us at

    Q: What else does MoMoAL do?

    MoMoAL is also a loyalty system.

    Q: Can I get a version without the loyalty function?

    Yes, look for MoMoAL on Google Play. The version without "for Merchant" in its name does not have the loyalty function.

    Q: What are needed?

    MoMoAL can be installed by yourself from Google Play. In the app, just fill in your shop's name, phone number and set the location.

    You need an NFC smartphone for the merchant app. If your phone does not have NFC, just attach a USB reader. Contact us at for recommendations.

    Q: What is the cost?

    MoMoAL provides loyalty function FREE of charge. It uses the contactless smartcards or NFC phone of your customers.

    In Malaysia, Touch n Go, MyRapid, MyKad, MyPR, MyKAS are all accepted. In Singapore, EZ-Link works well with a reader. In Thailand, Bangkok Metro fare card is fine.

    Elsewhere, just try with any card. Tap the card twice on your phone. If MoMoAL says they are the same card, then the card is accepted.

    Heard of Android Pay? MoMoAL also allows a customer to tap his/her phone on yours, just like tapping his/her card. No card is needed.

    Q: How do I use MoMoAL?

    When a new customer walks in and pays for goods, ask for her card. Tap the card on your phone, and say the amount. These are all you need to do.

    If the customer does not have MoMoAL on her phone, just do a long press on the card ID you see on your phone. A QR code will appear. Ask the customer to scan the QR code using her phone. The system will guide her to install the MoMoAL app and add the card to her phone.

    There is no need to register customers, and no need to pay consultants to integrate MoMoAL with your POS system.

    Q: What if the customer does not want to use a card?

    MoMoAL actually does not need a card to work.

    The customer should install MoMoAL on her phone. When she pays for goods, tap her phone on yours.

    Note that this requires the customer's phone to have NFC facility and Android 4.4 or above.

    Q: What if a customer does not want to use her phone for this purpose?

    MoMoAL can work without a customer's phone.

    When paying for goods, ask for the customer's card. Tap the card on your phone, and say the amount. The customer will not see loyalty point information and advertisements on her phone. But you can help her check rewards by pressing the redeem button on your phone.

    Q: How do I comply with privacy and personal data protection laws?

    MoMoAL does not collect personal particulars of your customers. It complies with privacy and personal data protection laws.

    Q: Who owns the loyalty data of my customers?

    You own the data. It is stored on your phone. You can use a backup app to periodically backup the MoMoAL database to the cloud, automatically. The database is /sdcard/CI/Loyalty/default.db.

    Q: Who decides what rewards to give?

    You decide the rewards. You also set the conditions.

    Whether to give a free dessert for every 5 visits, or a 1 dollar discount for every 20 dollars spent, is up to you. Your rewards are separated from rewards offered by other merchants.

    Q: What about points?

    Merchants do not share points. Points accumulated at your shop can only be redeemed at your shop.

    Q: In which city does MoMoAL work?

    Besides Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, MoMoAL works in all cities of all countries. As long as your phone has Internet access, MoMoAL works.

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