mPower mD for org.manager




    Surf your organization like never before!

    mPower mD for Ingentis org.manager, the cutting edge Mobile Corporate Directory App for iOS and Android that takes your Corporate Directory to the next level, helps you navigating through your organization, connects you with your colleagues in an easy and engaging way and integrates seamlessly into Ingentis org.manager. “Surf” your organisation like never before!

    It not only provides contact details & pictures of all your colleagues, but also has hierarchical information & team information and in addition, it integrates personal & professional social media updates. You can also create your own groups and message members in these custom groups easily.

    But this is not all! It also comes with “DynaMeet”, an entirely NEW and GROUNDBREAKING way for scheduling instant meetings or phone conferences without planning in advance or without having to go through the hassle of coordinating dates & timings of multiple invitees through your calendar. For short meetings which cannot be planned in advance, just create a DynaMeet on your phone and see instantly who is available for your meeting. DynaMeet takes the concept even to the next level by establishing the conference call automatically if you choose to do so.

    Your IT department will love mPower mD as well. Here’s why: All features are fully customizable including the whole look and feel of the App. It integrates seamlessly into your Ingentis org.manager system setup and also deploys the latest encryption technology to make sure all data on the mobile devices are safe and secure.

    All features of mPower mD can be combined with other apps from our mPower HCM App suite. Our mPower App suite consists of industry leading and fun to work with mobile apps for core HCM processes & functions in SAP & other HRIS environment. Apps that can help you increase the overall efficiency of your organization by empowering your employees to perform HR functions wherever they are.

    GO AHEAD, download mPower mD for Ingentis org.manager and stay in touch with your colleagues to know what’s going on in your organization.

    Benefits at a glance (some of these are only available in the PRO or ENTERPRISE version):

    - Always up to date contact information of all employees including pictures
    - Team and hierarchy (Ladder) information (Who reports to who / Colleagues)
    - Search based on Names, Roles and Position
    - Create your own custom groups to easily communicate with your teammates
    (“My Lunch Buddies”, “My Project Team”) and bulk email all group members
    - Social Media / Company News integration helps stay on top of things within your organization
    - DynaMeet for scheduling hassle free instant meetings / conference calls
    - SAP integration through either using the SMP platform or utilizing NetWeaver Gateway
    - Connects with various data sources such as Active Directory, LDAP and other third party solutions like Ingentis org.manager
    - Offline mode for quick data access in case there is no data connection
    - Latest on-device data encryption technology
    - “Data decommissioning feature” wipes on-device data when App doesn’t connect to your web server within a certain time frame
    - Data access control based on your web server’s log-in credentials or your security roles in SAP HR
    - Integration with other apps in our mPower HCM apps suite (MSS, ESS Apps etc.)

    For more information about all the features of mPower mD for Ingentis org.manager or the implementation process visit or send us a quick email to

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