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    Welcome! You are on your way to be the proud owner of the best instrument you have ever seen! The benefits of owning and using an S3 product are that they are made in the USA. It is a precision made instrument that undergoes many processes that makes this instrument the best in its class. The instruments will outlast any shears in its class. We have designed a way to make the steel properties even better. It changes the relaxed state in which all the shears now are being made. This process will make the shear have better properties to where it will allow your shear to last longer and stay sharper for longer periods of time and it will make the shear more dense without adding weight to your shear for this we can even make it 2x as sharper than you are used to. We have our own machines that can put a surgical edge on our shear that will last 3x as long as your professional shears edge. We are the only people in this business that can do a surgical edge and make it last. For this we can do so much more than any shear manufacture on the market today. All the instruments made by S3 undergo many tests and studies before ever making it in to your hands. We are a USA manufacture that takes pride in their instrument. Our goal is to make precision made instruments and put them in the hands of people that are looking for the best of the best. This is how you say precision surgical stainless steel is a specific type of stainless steel, used in medical applications. The chromium gives the metal its scratch-resistance and corrosion resistance. The nickel provides a smooth and polished finish. The molybdenum gives greater hardness, and helps maintaining a cutting edge. With this in the factor you will now have the best of the best. Most surgical equipment is made out of martensitic steel (Surgical stainless steel) it is much harder than austenitic steel (stainless steel), and easier to keep sharp. Depending on the type of equipment, the alloy recipe is varied slightly to get more sharpness, or strength.S3 is the best steel in and around the world in which is processed in the USA. We manufacture all types of instruments. If you are looking for the best of the best then we can say S3 is the right choice for put precision back into the beauty industry. There are loads of businesses out here today that sends their money all over the world to order in the products you are using today. This is the business of the beauty industry. Here at SPI we try to keep as much money in the USA as we can. This way we put money back into our own economy.

    SPI is not just a shear company. We can manufacture any tool for your business needs. We also can mass produce it the product you need. We don’t care how many you order just as long as you take pride in using it.

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