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    Appoint a free receptionist in your mobile to handle your missed calls and SMS.

    Just tell her what you want to respond to sender for given SMS codes or missed call and she will keep sending SMS accordingly.


    - Define your own codes and response SMS text.
    - Automatic keeps replying when someone sends particular SMS code to your mobile number
    - You can set response text for missed call too
    - See log of incoming SMS codes and outgoing replies
    - Export logs to csv file
    - Filter incoming and outgoing SMS based on codes and date range
    - Send SMS to all people having similar interest (codes)
    - Send “Special Text” (discount coupons etc) to new users
    - Block processing of phone numbers starting with given digits
    - No internet required or any other account required
    - Use you SIM to send SMS, hence no restriction of “Do Not Disturb”
    - Easy way to increase and manage customer database (save more than 95% cost)
    - Bulk SMS service on your own mobile
    - Very useful for business, student and individual

    How it works?

    Example: Shop owner pastes a note on his door “send SMS OFFER to and know today’s offers”. Owner will add new SMS code OFFER in the app and keep changing offer details, whenever required. Customer can any time check today’s offer by sending sms OFFER to the given number.
    Similarly this product can be used by restaurant owner for menus, theater for movie show details, school/colleges for admission info. and other endless usage.

    If you have a dedicated business mobile then you can also choose response text for missed call, and ask customers to just give missed call to your number and get details.

    Individual person can also use it, like if you are in meeting, then e.g. set “I am in meeting till 5 p.m.” text for missed call, whenever someone calls you during meeting, it will keep sending above reply message automatically. If you are travelling then ask your friends to just sms WHERE to your number and let them know where you are, or add code PLAN with plan details and let your friends know your today’s plan.

    You can also manage block list and tell your receptionist that don’t process SMS/Missed calls, if number starts with xxxx digits.

    Get complete incoming and outgoing log information and filter based on codes and date range and export it. It helps you to build customer database based on their interest.

    Proactively send SMS to all customers of similar interest in one go. Example: if you own restaurant and this week you have special Chinese dish, then inform all customers who sent code CHINESE to you in the past.
    Send “special text” for first time user, example send discount coupon if a sms comes from a new mobile number. This indirectly encourages customers to send SMS and your customer database increases.

    Lite version: No advertisements, but you can set maximum 3 codes only and response text cannot be more than 50 characters.

    Professional version: No Restrictions

    Note: Your sim card will be used for SMS purpose, hence SMS charges applied, if you are expecting more SMS or enabled missed call SMS then ask for economical SMS package from your provider.

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