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    Managing a mobile workforce is hard.

    You want to give an unrivalled service to your clients to stop them going to a competitor, but that's difficult when you're unable to give them the updates they need on job progress.

    You need to know when things have not gone to plan, so you can rectify them straight away.

    With a manual process and paper job sheets, mobile workforce management is made even more difficult.

    MyMobileWorkers is a platform to allow managers to gain insight into what's happening outside of the office. You can enforce safety checks, track your workers and optimise efficiency in real-time.

    It means that you can maintain a high standard of work throughout all your jobs. If any problems arise, you are notified straight away, meaning a better service for your client.

    How it works

    The software is in 2 parts: the MyMobileWorkers mobile app and the back office portal.

    Jobs are created through the back office portal and assigned to a mobile worker, who then receives a notification on their device. The mobile worker can then accept the job.

    All activities relating to a job are time and geo stamped, and with MyMobileWorkers' customisable workflows, managers can specify exactly what information the mobile worker needs to get from a job. Examples of this include:

    - Taking a before photo and an after photo
    - Filling out a checklist
    - Recording what items have been used
    - Recording measurements
    - Signature from customer

    All of this information is available in the back office portal as soon as it happens, meaning managers no longer have to interrupt mobile workers to find out the status of jobs, keeping them happy, safe and focused on the job at hand.

    Who uses MyMobileWorkers?

    MyMobileWorkers have thousands of users, all belonging to very different industries, and with very different job processes. Some, it's as simple as getting the customer to sign off to say they're satisfied with the work. Others can have workflows that depend on certain answers, or alerts that trigger if something isn't right.

    MyMobileWorkers can be used by anyone with a mobile workforce.


    - Job scheduler
    - Resource planner
    - Vehicle management
    - Alerts - SMS, email and notifications
    - Customer portal
    - Photos (with image drawing)
    - GPS tracking
    - Calendar
    and more

    Why MyMobileWorkers?

    - Offer an improved service to clients
    - Maintain (and exceed) standards of work
    - Use data to improve your service
    - Remove paper job sheets
    - Cut administration by 95%

    What makes MyMobileWorkers different?

    - Adaptable platform: It can be used by all businesses with mobile workers for all types of jobs
    - Easy to use: It's purposely built for mobile workers, no previous IT knowledge needed, just pick up and use
    - Feedback is important: Because the software is built for mobile workers, we regularly ask for feedback. This directly influences our development schedule
    - Regular product updates: Updates and features are released around every 6 weeks, meaning your investment will never go out of date
    - UK based support and development: Any member of the MyMobileWorkers team is just a phone call away, including our UK based support team should you have any problems

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