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    MyModules is an eCotton product from EWR, Inc.

    * Note: does not currently work on Android 9 (Pie).

    Cotton producers can register new cotton modules and have them transmitted to the gin automatically, with GPS coordinates if you like.

    View the status of all of your modules.

    View summary status of all of your bales.

    *** IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS (read before purchasing):

    *** Your gin must be subscribed to CottonHost (an eCotton service) in order for you to send or receive any module data.

    *** This app will function during the current cotton crop year only. It expires at the end of the crop year in July. In future crop years, you can purchase an activation key from within the app to continue using it.


    Can be used by custom pickers as well.

    Can be installed on multiple phones for a single producer. This allows large farming operations to use the app on the phones of multiple field supervisors.

    Manage multiple producer accounts on one phone.

    Visit for more reports from your gin after ginning starts.

    We are actively updating MyModules on a regular basis. Please enable automatic updates so you'll have the latest features and best performance.

    We'd like to hear your comments and/or suggestions as we continue to add features to MyModules. Please use this email address (instead of review comments) for any questions or suggestions:

    Application License Agreement:

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