mYouTime is a Mobile Performance Support service for learning intensive companies.

    A mYouTime is a highly concentrated multimedia presentation package for smartphones. mYouTimes are optimized for distributing short and focused learning content. mYouTimes are instantly created and distributed to peers within your company. 5 minutes to create, 2 minutes to experience!

    mYouTime is used to distribute business critical information in a fast, flexible and accessible way. Your peers receive relevant content in a predictable format directly on their smartphones.

    mYouTimes can be created spontaneously by using the app on the go. Alternatively, mYouTimes can be created in a web browser for a more flexible authoring environment.

    Templates make it quick and easy to create mYouTimes. Add text, images, video & audio clips and quizzes to your mYouTime and publish it to your peers instantly.

    Track usage and get insights into your company's learning environment with statistics and usage tracking via the web interface.

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