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    Here are the answers to all your questions:

    How can North American Power save me money on my electricity?
    When your state deregulated its energy market it opened the industry to competition and allowed companies like North American Power to buy energy in the wholesale markets and pass the savings on to you. Our electricity flows into the Local Power Pool and is delivered to your home or business by your local utility via existing power lines just as it always has. The only difference will be a new electric rate on the supply portion of your bill.

    How much money can I save?
    We cannot predict the exact amount of money that you could save with North American Power but to see our current rates you can visit our current rates page click here.

    Why can't my local utility do what you do and lower their supply rates?

    Our local utilities enter into long-term fixed-rate contracts to help protect their customers from changes in generation costs, but they pay a premium for the decreased risk.

    When will my new North American Power supply rate officially take effect?
    On the date of your next regularly scheduled meter reading. So it could take 30 days or more to have North American Power's name and new rate appear on your next full monthly bill. To avoid delays, please make sure you accurately input all of your customer data.

    Will my utility be mad at me for choosing North American Power's supply?
    Not one iota. They don't even charge you a penalty. Again, they do not earn a profit from their supply charge, so it's no loss for them. In fact, they don't even lose customers because they're still our electricity service providers.

    So my local utility will still service my account?
    Yes. You are still a customer of your local utility. They will continue to provide the electricity, customer service, billing and repairs.

    Will my electricity be interrupted when I change my utility's supply to yours?
    Nope. You'll never see a flicker. The transition is seamless. All you'll notice is your new electric rate. It's that easy.

    Will I have to get a new meter or any new equipment?
    No. You keep your meter and your local utility will still read it just as it always has. There is nothing new to own (unless of course, you choose to buy some cool new stuff with the money you're likely to save).

    Who do I pay?
    Your current utility. They will still send you just one monthly bill and you will continue to make the payment to them. Nothing changes except that North American Power will be listed on your bill as your electrical supplier and the supply rate will be North American Power's rate. If you wish to change your current payment method you can do so through the utility.

    Who do I contact in an emergency?
    Your current utility. For reference, visit your local utility's website.

    Who do I contact about North American Power's portion of the bill?
    Us. 888-313-9086.

    Who do I contact about making money with North American Power? (815) 712-0097

    Who do I contact if I need a hug?
    Still us.

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