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    Name Card Exchanger

    Fed up with searching a name card in the crowed card holder? Or tired of wasting money on printing paper name cards? Or tired to bring a card holder with you at anytime and anywhere? Faced with so many troublesome problems, have you ever imagined that one Android app can solve all problems? Today, Name Card Exchanger meets you for free!!

    Name Card Exchanger is a handy name cards viewer app. Easy importing both sides of cards via camera. Rapid searching and diversified contact actions help you ready for all contacts.

    Name Card Exchanger is a convenient name cards exchanger app. When you want to exchange your name card, exchange it through Bluetooth with this app. Received from your business partner business card, automatically puts into GALLERY, where you can view received cards.

    Highly functional user interface is designed.
    1. You should use CARD SCANNER to take a picture of a name card. Auto-focus camera is required.
    Take a picture of a name card as clearly as possible by placing cards in good lighting condition
    To align name card edges to viewfinder edges as closely as possible
    2. Then you can get a view of the content of this name card.
    A name card typically includes the giver's name, company affiliation and contact information such as street addresses, telephone numbers, fax number, e-mail addresses.
    In case there is something wrong, you should check it out. It's your call to save or discard it.
    3. In GALLERY, you can get a grid view of taken pictures.
    4. In CONTACT, you can get a list of all of your contact names in PHONE CONTACT and SIM CONTACT.
    You can manage all contacts including making phone calls, sending SMS and delete it.
    5. If you want to delete many a contact, there are some operations including SELECT ALL, UNSELECT and DELETE SELECTED for you in MENU.
    6. If you want to send a electrical name card to your business partner, you can do it in EXCHANGER SETTING by Bluetooth.
    7. In SETTING, you can set auto focus, auto recognize, auto detect or not. You can also save image or not.

    How to exchange your name cards by Bluetooth?

    First of all, you could search your receiver. Before this, you may be requested to open your Bluetooth at first in this app. Before your connecting to the second device, you must make sure the receiver's Bluetooth is on and make the device discoverable. Only in this way can you search his device. Make sure both of two devices would have been paired. Long press the searched device, and you can choose to PAIR. After that, you could add the exact file you want to transfer in FILE part. Choose it and select OK. After arranging these preparations, it's time to your transfer. Long touch to the receiver's device, you can choose SEND FILE. Please note that you could set visible time as you wish in EXCHANGER SETTING. If the receiver accepts to receive your files,then your transfer will be successful. OK, it's done.

    All in all, Name Card Exchanger is a professional name card reader and name card exchanger. Name Card Exchanger can take a picture of a name card and automatically recognize the name card, then save the contact information to your contacts. Want to exchange cards through Bluetooth? This app can do it for you totally free. It also support name card recognition for English and Chinese and so on.

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