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    The Nexans’ app provides quick and efficient access to information about Nexans’ products, when you are on the move.

    Access to product datasheets, installation instructions, regulatory information, user manuals and all related documents. To find the product you want, just enter its reference number, perform a general search or just browse the catalogue. Products can be easily identified thanks to product pictures.
    Documents can be downloaded and stored on your phone for later use, or sent to one or more e-mail addresses. Note that datasheets cannot be stored on the phone as they are subject to change and it is important to access only the latest version.
    Scanning a barcode on a Nexans’ product provides you with immediate access to product information without having to search.

    Depending on your country, the App may provide the following features

    Our cable sizing tool– electrical installers, electricians, end-users – that will help you determine the most adapted cable cross section for your installation. Calculation is performed in 4 quick and easy steps.
    Step1: Fill in general information regarding your installation: intensity/power, length to be installed, voltage and current type (single phase, three phase)
    Step 2: Select the required cable and conductor types. You will be able to select the one you wish to use among the most common cable families. A short description and a picture of the cable will help you identify easily the one you need. Once the cable type has been chosen, you will have to specify the type of conductor (single core, multicore, with or without PE, with or without neutral) and the number of phases. Again, a corresponding picture will help you check your selection.
    Step 3: Specify installation conditions: environment (air/ground) and laying options. Pictograms illustrating the various options will facilitate your selection.
    Step 4:  View calculation results: Nexans EASYCALC will provide you with the corresponding Nexans product reference. You can then send the results per email or contact Nexans to get additional information

    Access to a list of frequently asked questions related to a wide variety of topics

    Get the latest updates related to Nexans products, solutions and services

    Allow you to access the product reseller. The app makes use of your phone’s GPS for geolocation, allowing it to suggest addresses, but with a manual override for when your position is not accurately known.

    A facility for filling out warranty forms for heating cables. The procedure is the same as completing the form on paper, but with the added advantage that you can mail it to yourself, send a copy to Nexans, who will store it for you, and even mail it to your customer, for example.

    The app requires a network connection to work properly. All the data are retrieved in real time direct from Nexans’ web servers, ensuring that the information is always up to date.
    The app is free to download and use, but your phone service provider may charge you for the data traffic, typically as part of your call and data plan. Optionally, in the app’s settings menu, you can define a data download limit.

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