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    With this widget you are always aware of your next 5 events within the next one or more weeks.
    Choose among the calendars that your android device synchronizes.
    The widget updates the events when you unlock your device or when you click the widget.

    Day of month and week number is displayed in the background.

    Quick access to calendar by taping the left side of the widget (day/time) area

    Note: after installation there is no shortcut to an app, but the widget must be applied to one of home screens according to the description provided by the device manufacturer.
    Typically it is done by pressing a free area on the home screen until a dialog is displayed.

    User can specify the color for the widget background and for the text displaying current date and week number.
    Specify colors using ARGB HEX color code including transparency value.
    TTRRGGBB means TT is transparency, RR is red, GG is green and BB is blue.
    Use characters 0=>9 and A=>F
    To specify a semi transparent blue color use 990000FF
    Install by long click your home screen and choose to add a widget.

    Support language:
    Danish (Næste 5 aftaler)

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