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    Driving diary, Driving journal, Mileage tracker, Mileage calculator, Trip calculator, Drivers log - whatever name you choose, this App utilizes your phones NFC & GPS technologies to create daily value for you.

    It is the ultimate in simplicity to start GPS tracking by touching an NFC tag, causing your driving route to be saved in real-time to your personal cloud based account. Registering for the service automatically creates your web account and, after purchase, the required Start and End tags will be mailed in the post to the delivery address you requested.

    Using the application is easy and fun. The Start and End tags can be attached to the most convenient place in your vehicle – for example, behind the sun visor or on the center console. Either tag auto-starts the NFC GPS application just by touching it. Tap the START tag to indicate you are beginning to drive, and when you reach your destination simply touch the END tag. Your driving log and route taken are saved in the web and can be reviewed in map or transaction format at any time.

    Please watch our video, evaluate the product 7 days for free, and then order.

    Auto-start feature - no more searching! The pain of browsing to find the right application from the phones app folder is consigned to history. Instead, just touch one of the supplied tags to auto start the application. Your Start Trip and End Trip commands are also based on NFC touch rather than requiring screen-related actions.

    The last three months driving data is always instantly available via the web and several search methods can be used. Older historical information is archived in a common file format and can be retrieved easily if required. Manual records may also be added via the web-interface in case you forget to run the application.

    Reslink has created and hosted cloud based mobile enterprise solutions for almost 7 years. We are committed to product development and are happy to serve you with this NFC GPS solution. Why not give us a try and start reaping the benefits today!

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