NFC TagIn'

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    TagIn' is an NFC app full of templates to write information to tags. TagIn' got its name from the idea of using NFC tags for keeping track of inventory. Included in this initial release are:

    Business card template with support to add to contacts
    Pet template to create NFC Dog Tags
    Product Inventory template to help keep track of customer inventory
    Travel tag template for weather proof travel tags

    NFC tags are small battery-less storage devices that (depending on the tag) can be written to roughly 100,000 times.
    Since they do not contain any electrical components, they can get wet without fear of lost information. While there are many different NFC tags, the two main types used for cell phones are the Mifare Classic (which is compatible with older NFC equipped devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III) and NTAG203 (which is compatible with all NFC phones, but stores about 8 times less data). Google is moving towards the direction of the universal tags to avoid proprietary parts and thus, the Nexus 4, New Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are not compatible with the Mifare Classic 1K.

    A FREE version of the app capable of reading the NFC tags created with the app is now available.

    If you have any questions on which tags may be right for you, please feel free to contact me through my email on the play store